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Youth Work training that lets you change the world. 

Fusion401 is our accredited Certificate IV Youth and Community Work (Christian) course. Fusion believes that being out in the field is vital to producing passionate, skilled youth workers, and so the course is delivered onsite from a variety of active Fusion Centres. As well as cutting edge training in the classroom, we also give our students the opportunity to live out the theory in a range of programs and activities, that put them on the front line of innovative youth work.

This 12 month course exposes you to the values, understandings and the 50 years experience of Fusion’s cutting-edge youth and community work. Expressions of Interest are closed for 2018, but we are developing an exciting new course for next year. Contact us about that. See more information below.

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Not all learning happens in the classroom.

Certificate IV will equip you to operate effectively in a real world mission setting. The training happens where the youth work happens, with a mix of classroom sessions and field work. You will be learning in the context of an active Fusion Centre, taking part in events that serve the local community.

The course is full-time, comprising 2 days of classroom teaching, 1 day equivalent of practical fieldwork experience, where students can integrate their lessons into real life situations, and time for study and research. Subjects include bible books, community development, community research youth work and planning a program, developing healthy teams and many more.



The course puts faith at the centre.

Using the Bible as another learning tool, you will spend time looking at 10 different Bible books in detail and explore the implications for how we approach helping young people and their communities in today’s world. It’s about looking at the way the Church does mission, and strengthening your own understanding of God in the process.



This is where Fusion does things differently.

The course is about equipping you to make permanent change – in your own community, amongst your friends and clients, and in yourself. Connect with other people who are passionate about making a difference, and find the support you need to to really bring hope to the world.


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pilgrimage to uluru

One of the key fieldwork opportunities is the Pilgrimage to Uluru. It’s a 10-12 day youth work program that aims to create a generation of reconciliation, through cultural exchange, discussion, and opportunities to become part of a movement for change.

As a 401 student, you will be part of a team of experienced youth workers working intently with young people over the course of the trip. It’s an opportunity not just to put into practice the skills that you’ve been learning, but also a unique experience that’s changed the lives of countless young people.

Our other fieldwork opportunities include Day Trips, schools-based programs, case-work and mentorship, and community festivals, as well as Fusion’s advocacy event Sleep In Your Car. Students may also do their fieldwork with groups running youth work with groups running youth and community programs in the community.

There are also opportunities to be a part of Pilgrimages to developing nations where Fusion has emerging work.

To find out more about the potential opportunities for fieldwork, please contact us at [email protected] or call 0417 833 516

Expressions of Interest are closed for 2018 however…

You can contact us about some new exciting training we are setting up for 2019.

Contact us: [email protected] or 0417 833 516


Fusion401 is an accredited Certificate IV in Youth and Community Work (Christian)

Course Code: 10356NAT Fusion RTO No. 3388


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