After working in the youth sector for a number of years, Fusion began to realise that the key to healthy young people is having a healthy community around them. We became passionate about helping to foster connections between families, neighbours, and generations. We’ve found that the strength of a community is not in it’s infrastructure, it’s wealth, or even the amount of services available. It’s in the people. And the best community builders are those who already live in and love their community.

Fusion are committed to finding where we fit, and believe that even the most disenfranchised community can be a source of hope.

Over the last 50 years we’ve spread from one Centre in Sydney, to having teams all over Australia and the world. Every community we’ve encountered has been different, with different challenges and different reasons to celebrate. We work in consultation with local people, local churches, and local businesses and community groups to figure out what Fusion can bring in order to build hope.

We help people connect.

We help get the community together to celebrate with free community festivals, our OpShops and Cafes, outdoor cinema and other special events.

We help people on the fringes of society.

We help people who are struggling or marginalised with advocacy, crisis accommodation and mental health care, as well as our work with at-risk youth and job seekers.

We help families stay connected.

We help families to learn new skills and grow together with our Families Course, Families Conferences and seminars, playgroups and Young Parents Support Groups.

We help churches who want to serve their communities.

We help churches connect with each other and move to the centre of their communities, by partnering with them in a range of community projects such as Easter Festivals and Marches, and Advent Pageants. We believe in churches who are passionate about really caring for their community.