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How We Make a Difference

We care about people. Fusion began as a group of friends just wanting to make an impact, and even though we’ve grown in size, that core of us hasn’t changed.

We have highly skilled and passionate people who care deeply about Fusion and its mission, and we believe in the simple fact that people people matter.

Our Fusion teams are made up of paid and unpaid staff, team members and volunteers who all work side by side to see communities transformed across the nation. They are Fusion’s strength.

Whether it’s marching through the city in the rain or getting out of bed way too early to volunteer at a Day Trip, our people are committed to making a difference.

Faithfulness, willingness, generosity and commitment characterize Fusion’s people. In challenging environments and situations, our team members will keep on caring for those they minister to, offering practical support, encouragement and opportunity.

Their stories make us who we are

transformed communities where young people thrive.

Trevor <span>Harvey</span>

Trevor Harvey

Finance and Audit Committee Chair
Fiona <span>Gunnion</span>

Fiona Gunnion

CEO & Executive Team Leader
Rachel <span>Hay</span>

Rachel Hay

Executive Assistant

Our Board of Trustees

Fusion is an incorporated not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Fusion appoints Trustees to a Board of Directors known as the Board of trustees. The current Board of trustees are;

Rosemary Braun

Rosemary brings 30 years of experience in the work and story of Fusion, especially from the perspective of small remote centres and pioneering work. Based in Western Australia since starting with Fusion in 1983, Rosemary is currently the Centre Leader in Perth.

David Ireson

Dave Ireson has served with Fusion in various roles in Australia and around the world for over 40 years. This includes being in leadership in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. He has also represented Fusion and chaired National Youth peak bodies. Dave has had a high level of involvement in the direction Fusion has taken in the past 40 years and carries much of the story of where Fusion has come from and why.

Kenneth Ferdinands

Ken has been a school teacher and has been involved with Fusion for over 30 years. His involvement with Fusion includes as a youth worker, National Treasurer (Director for 5 years), and CEO of Fusion’s Registered Training Organisation.

Stephen Hamilton

Steve has served with Fusion in a variety of roles over the last 30 years. These have included as Fusion Team Leader in Bendigo and Burnie, as Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer and in media and radio production and presentation.

Geoff Bateman - Chairman

After a period as a police officer, Geoff trained and worked as a lawyer, then adult educator. He and his family then spent 8 years as Fusion staff workers in Poatina (1997-2004) before becoming involved as Principal then CEO of NT Christian Schools (2005-2015). He has been a director and trainer for PeaceWise Australia since 2009, and undertook an intensive Mediation and Conciliation internship in the USA in 2012.

Edwina Baily

Edwina graduated from Sydney University in 1991 with an Economics degree, majoring in accounting. After 5 years working in Financial Services and Human Resources with the NSW Attorney General’s Department, she joined Fusion. Edwina is currently part of leadership at our Western Sydney centre.

Bruce Dutton

Bruce has had extensive experience as a Youth Drop-in Centre Coordinator, Assistant Pastor, Lecturer at Morling Theological College and thirty-two years as a Fusion Staff worker.

The Executive Team Leader (Chief Executive Officer)

is Ms Fiona Gunnion. Fiona has worked with Fusion for 17 years, she has a Bachelor of Social Work from RMIT and specialises in youth crisis accommodation and trauma recovery. The Board of Trustees and Executive Team Leader can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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