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Pilgrim Life #4 – In Which We Get To The Fun Bit.

That title is not meant to suggest that the rest of the Pilgrimage has not been fun. Don’t ever believe that these guys haven’t had their fill of fun by this point. But what do you do when you’ve had your fill? Is there a limit? Can you only have so much? Yes. There is…

Pilgrim Life #1 – Because Sometimes We Have 130 Kids Come Visit.

It is here. Our purpose, our reason for being, the thing we dread anticipate with every fibre of our slowly expanding bodies (we have a really good cook): the arrival of the Pilgrims.

Western Sydney – Day 2

Western Sydney are doing things a little different to the other buses. For one – no tents! (That’s the sound of 113 other Pilgrims moaning as they pack up camp yet again) For another – no bus! Or at least, no big bus. just two small 12-seater vans, and a whole lot of energy!

Western Sydney – Day 1

The Western Sydney bus left a little later than the others, so their first day report is a day late also. Can you deal with the time differential? Past and future and present all intertwining like that? Of course you can!

Day Ten – Sydney

Well, we were back to the mornings of rising before the sun is up? It was a challenge for some trying to pack up their messy tents in the dark. The girls were way a head of the boys this morning, all packed up well before time. The boys eventually got there and we all say down for…

Day Nine – Sydney

Rise and shine! 7:30am we were up again after a quiet and pleasant sleep. With bacon and eggs for breakfast we were ready for the day ahead! Happy Birthday to Anthony and Will, 2 of our leaders, who also received the Gold Plate awards this morning, along with Kyal!

Day Eight – Sydney

The alarms went off 5:30am. We dragged ourselves out of bed, put on a jumper and some shoes and shuffled our feet to the bus. We met all the other buses just out of the camp ground, then took a short drive to to one of the sand dunes. We all piled out of the…

Up at Dawn

After a fairly big day and late night, you’d think that a sleep-in would be in order. Well, nope. Dragging ourselves out of bed at 5am so that we can get ready to see the sunrise, sleepily getting dressed (more than one inside-out jumper was being worn by the time we were awake enough to…

Day Five – Sydney

In which we arrive at Uluru!

Day Four – Sydney

Photos of the next part of our journey:

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