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Pilgrim Life #4 – In Which We Get To The Fun Bit.

That title is not meant to suggest that the rest of the Pilgrimage has not been fun. Don’t ever believe that these guys haven’t had their fill of fun by this point. But what do you do when you’ve had your fill? Is there a limit? Can you only have so much? Yes. There is…

Pilgrim Life #3 – In Which We Finally Do What We All Came Here For.

The Rock. Uluru. The big red thing in the sand over there. A hugely significant cultural site for all Australians. And the Pilgrims finally get to see it up close.

Pilgrim Life #2 – In Which We Replace One Circus With Another.

The Big Top. Our friend. Our companion. The meeting place of thousands of young people and leaders over the years. Time to get you full again!

Pilgrim Life #1 – Because Sometimes We Have 130 Kids Come Visit.

It is here. Our purpose, our reason for being, the thing we dread anticipate with every fibre of our slowly expanding bodies (we have a really good cook): the arrival of the Pilgrims.

TAS/VIC – Day 3 & 4

It’s been another great day on the Vic/Tas bus as we travelled to Port Augusta from Camp Coorong.

TAS/VIC – Day 2

Sometimes being on the road means being too busy to find reliable Internet. Sometimes it means writing lengthy blog posts about one’s adventures comes in low on the priority scale. So if you’re finding the daily updates perhaps a little lacking in the finer detail of the trip, it’s probably because too much fun is being…

TAS/VIC – Day 1

Day 1 went well as the Tas pilgrims boarded a plane for Melbourne yesterday morning, we were welcomed by the Vic Pilgrims and then started our journey towards South Australia.

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