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Western Sydney – The Last Bit

Apologies for the delay on this one folks, but here is an update from our final 3 days of the Pilgrimage!   Day 10 (Tuesday) was a really relaxing and special day for us all. We had a shorter drive to Broken Hill so we were able to take our time a bit more, enjoying…

Western Sydney – Day #8 & 9

On Sunday morning (day 8) we awoke at the glorious hour of 4.30am in order to make our way to a lookout for the Dawn Service (at sunrise) with all the other pilgrims. Wide awake and kicking (I joke) we arrived at the lookout, only to find we were early! (oops)…. but when all the…

Western Sydney Day #6 & 7

Hey Errybody! Here is an update on days 6 & 7 from the Western Sydney bus! These two days were particularly special as we were at the rock and got to hang out with all the other pilgrims from around the country! Day 6 (Friday) was the day we got to go up close to…

Western Sydney – Day #4 & 5

Greetings world! We sincerely apologise for the week-long silence. As we’re sure you can guess, it’s been a very busy time! (Plus we haven’t had very good service for a couple of days). Here is an update for y’all on days 4 & 5 on the Western Sydney bus! On Wednesday (day 4) we left…

Western Sydney – Day #3

This morning, still at Camp Coorong, our group went on a bush tucker walk with Tim.

Western Sydney – Day #2

This morning we got up bright and early, ate a lovely breakfast, and we set off on foot….…to the buses…..which carried us on towards Camp Coorong in Meningie, SA! We had an all girls and all boys bus and had our first experience of bus aerobics to get the ol’ blood pumping!  

Western Sydney – Day #1

And we’re off! No, wait. No we’re not. Western Sydney wins this year’s prize for most eventful uneventful first day! Today we began our journey bright and early from Western Sydney, after a surprisingly relaxed and organised Easter morning breaky and send off with parents and friends. One hour after departure, just when we thought we…

Western Sydney – Final Day

Our final leg of the journey home from Uluru started a bit later than expected as we had some trouble with one of our trailers and had to get it fixed before we left Cobar.

Pilgrim Life #4 – In Which We Get To The Fun Bit.

That title is not meant to suggest that the rest of the Pilgrimage has not been fun. Don’t ever believe that these guys haven’t had their fill of fun by this point. But what do you do when you’ve had your fill? Is there a limit? Can you only have so much? Yes. There is…

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