The Pilgrim's Journal 

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Bus Aerobics rocking the trip home

Great time on way home, fun smashing salt at lake hart and running races. Just been to Tandanya cultural centre, pilgrims learnt a lot from art and enjoyed didge performance. On way to final stop now in stawel. Rock ur body

Uluru Today

The day had come where the pilgrims got to see Uluru. Each bus group was taken on a guided tour around the Mala walk and to the cultural center. At the rock they spent some time reflecting in their journals. The evening program was a great time of celebration together sharing in small groups what…

The Buses are here!

Five buses arrived today. Pilgrims on them are from Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, ACT and Sydney. When they arrived they painted a hand and put the hand print on a huge banner, a symbol that represents, coming to this land in peace, open handed with no weapons. Our friend Judy Trigger welcome the…

Getting in the groove

Johnsy getting us into some singing on our small bus today.

On the road with Vic and Tassie

Going well, we all met in Ballarat at 9pm, had fun playing limbo. Had a dislocated knee this morning, but with the aid of happy gas, Emily has bravely continued the pilgrimage. So we’re a bit behind but looking forward to camp Coorong.

Home sweet home as changed pilgrims

Day 11 The final victorian pilgrims spent their last day together after spending a freezing cold night in Stawell then travelling to Ballarat. We sung “You’re my brother, you’re my sister” and special songs and chatted about highlights and then thanked each other. Lots of tired, happy, smelly pilgrims are home today!

Affirmations and fun as we say goodbye to our SA peers

Day 9 Tonight we say goodbye to the South Australain pilgrims. We had a special time today giving affirmations, sharing highlights and playing messy games. Lots of learning how to live with people and how to get along, inner growth and confidence gained. Lots of tears and wonderful memories and a feeling of family. Press…

Vigil & Dawn Service, the weekend is over.

After the very successful festival and concert many pilgrims from the eight buses from around the nation chose to move into an all night prayer vigil where they shared highlights of the day and what they hope for – for their families and their lives from this point on. They prayed for each other and…

Pilgrims and Federal minister launch Youth Week at Yulara

4.00pm The day we have all been leading up to has arrived and we are all very excited and encouraged. We are right in the middle of the festival at the Yulara amphitheatre where over 350 pilgrims and indigenous folk as well as numbers of tourists and residents are enjoying a beautiful, fun filled afternoon.…

Meeting the Rock

Today pilgrims saw Uluru up close for the very first time. After an early start to beat the heat of a central Australian sun, we traveled the 10 minute journey from Yulara campsite to the Rock. It was awe-inspiring to come face to face with the rock. It’s huge! So much bigger than it ever…

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