The Pilgrim's Journal 

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Pilgrim Life #3

What happens during the evenings when the Pilgrims are at Yulara? Well, come inside the Big Top and find out!

Camp Life #5

Because sometime we are too busy to update the blog. :(

Pilgrim Life #2 – Mala Walk

Time to Rock! Wait, no. That’s not right. Time to see the Rock! That’s better.

Camp Life #4

Because sometimes the shenanigans must end so work can begin.

Days 1, 2 & 3 – Queensland

On the road for a few days, the Queensland trip has not been without it’s challenges/adventures. The bus had a battle with a kangaroo (or two) which meant a few improvisational additions to the trip. Here’s a taste of the last three days on the road.

Camp Life # 2

Because sometimes things need-a-fixin’.

Camp Life #1

Because sometime adventures happen.

Day 1 & 2 – Victoria

Victoria have taken off with a bus full of kids and hopes and dreams. Here’s a quick update of the first 24 hours.

Introducing Basecamp 2013

We’ve been plugging away up here at Yulara, getting ready for the Pilgrims to arrive, and working with the local Indigenous community. So we thought it was about time to update on the happenings of Basecamp 2013.

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