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NSW/ACT – Day 9 & 10

Day 9. We headed out to stay a night at Kings Creek station. We were all looking forward to being able to swim in the pool there. Unfortunately the pool was being repaired and this meant that we weren’t able to swim. So we made use of a nearby sprinkler to cool off and play…

Pilgrim Life #4 – In Which We Get To The Fun Bit.

That title is not meant to suggest that the rest of the Pilgrimage has not been fun. Don’t ever believe that these guys haven’t had their fill of fun by this point. But what do you do when you’ve had your fill? Is there a limit? Can you only have so much? Yes. There is…

Western Sydney – Day 9

Day 9 for the Western Sydney Buses was a pretty standard day with not a whole lot that stood out (aside from having pizza for lunch, Chinese for dinner, having our final group reflection around a camp fire while we cooked damper, and hearing one of our leaders share their testimony). Actually now that we…

Pilgrim Life #3 – In Which We Finally Do What We All Came Here For.

The Rock. Uluru. The big red thing in the sand over there. A hugely significant cultural site for all Australians. And the Pilgrims finally get to see it up close.

Western Sydney – Day 8

This morning we got to have a little bit of a sleep in in Coober Pedy as our drive to Port Augusta was going to be one of our shortest yet. We stopped off somewhere on the side of the road for morning tea and found this thing! FUN!

NSW/ACT – Day 8

We woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise on Uluru. It was spectacular, but also sad as we said goodbye to the other buses and sent them off on the long journey home.  

Western Sydney – Day 4, 5, 6, & 7

Here’s an update on our last few days (finally!) :) If you’re wondering why there’s been a bit of silence from the Western Sydney buses, it’s because we’ve been having way too much fun to even think about the blog! (#sorrynotsorry) Here’s an update on our last few days…   On Thursday we crossed the…

NSW/ACT – Day 7

We woke up to some delicious pancakes and went to the base of Uluru.

NSW/ACT – Day 6

This morning we left Coober Pedey bright and early to head for our destination: Uluru! There was great excitement when the massive red rock was spotted far out on the horizon. We arrived at Yulara Resort at 4pm and were welcomed in the the amphitheater by the base camp team. We painted our hand prints…

Pilgrim Life #2 – In Which We Replace One Circus With Another.

The Big Top. Our friend. Our companion. The meeting place of thousands of young people and leaders over the years. Time to get you full again!

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