The Pilgrim's Journal 

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Camp Life #7 – Because There’s Still Some Story Left To Tell.

Admittedly not the most exciting story. But one of the most harrowing, sweat-inducing, weather-defying tasks that we have to achieve while at Basecamp. It’s called PACK UP.

Western Sydney – Final Day

Our final leg of the journey home from Uluru started a bit later than expected as we had some trouble with one of our trailers and had to get it fixed before we left Cobar.

Western Australia – Final Day

Back in their own homes and beds once more, enjoying the simple luxuries of washing machines, toilets and wifi, our┬áPilgrims recover from the incredible adventure that has been – and no doubt miss their bus family already!    

NSW/ACT – Day 11

A few of the buses arrived home last night – so the Tasmanians, Victorians, and Western Sydney-ans all woke up in their own cosy beds last night. So spare a thought for the two buses still on the road. Still waking up in freezing cold tents, travelling in a bus that must smell pretty funky…