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Western Sydney – The Last Bit

Apologies for the delay on this one folks, but here is an update from our final 3 days of the Pilgrimage!   Day 10 (Tuesday) was a really relaxing and special day for us all. We had a shorter drive to Broken Hill so we were able to take our time a bit more, enjoying…

Western Sydney – Day #8 & 9

On Sunday morning (day 8) we awoke at the glorious hour of 4.30am in order to make our way to a lookout for the Dawn Service (at sunrise) with all the other pilgrims. Wide awake and kicking (I joke) we arrived at the lookout, only to find we were early! (oops)…. but when all the…

Pilgrim Life #3 – Party Time

That’s all this is for, really. To get to the great big post-Uluru-visit after party. A party build on love, water slides and Vance Joy covers.

Western Sydney Day #6 & 7

Hey Errybody! Here is an update on days 6 & 7 from the Western Sydney bus! These two days were particularly special as we were at the rock and got to hang out with all the other pilgrims from around the country! Day 6 (Friday) was the day we got to go up close to…

Western Sydney – Day #4 & 5

Greetings world! We sincerely apologise for the week-long silence. As we’re sure you can guess, it’s been a very busy time! (Plus we haven’t had very good service for a couple of days). Here is an update for y’all on days 4 & 5 on the Western Sydney bus! On Wednesday (day 4) we left…

Pilgrim Life #2 – It’s What We Came Here To Do

Sort of. I guess. What did we come here to do? Because it’s been a HUGE weekend and our minds are a little fuzzy. Oh yeah. This:

Pilgrim Life #1 – So That Happened.

How do you even pack such a huge weekend into a single blog post? By not even trying. This is the part where we talk about the weekend in a few key chunks. Chunk no. 1 is the sequel (confusing, I know) to this post. Why do we put up a big circus tent? Why is…

Western Sydney – Day #3

This morning, still at Camp Coorong, our group went on a bush tucker walk with Tim.

NSW/ACT – Day #3 & 4

We haven’t heard much from NSW and ACT – they’ve been squirrelled away somewhere that phone reception dares to tread. But having an amazing time all the same. They’ll be arriving at Uluru tomorrow, a day later than everyone else, so let’s check in with what they’ve been up to!

Camp Life #7 – Tentalicious

The Tent Raising ceremony is an important one to Basecamp. Sacred stuff. But we think maybe the lengthy posts written about it every year are really just an excuse to post photos of us doing genuine, real, proper hard work. So let’s just get to the pics.             And that…

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