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Victoria – Day #10 & 11
Pilgrims - V13

We continued our journey home with another couple of long bus trips. Yesterday we travelled…

Western Australia – Day #10
Pilgrims - WA15

Hallelujah! We are headed to Perth and then home. It was a wet start to…

South Australia – The Last Bit
Pilgrims - SA09

Our South Australians have made it all the way home, but their trip wasn’t a…

Victoria – Day #8 & 9
Pilgrims Abby and Kayla at dawn in Yulara.

Day 8 was the dreaded day, it was the day we left Yulara. With a…

“This trip was a massive wake up call that this world isn’t perfect and I think if together we could help make it a better place for everyone, bring everyone back together. It could really be something special.” - Emily, Victoria 2013

Pilgrim Life #2 – It’s What We Came Here To Do

Sort of. I guess. What did we come here to do? Because it’s been a HUGE weekend and our minds are a little fuzzy.

Oh yeah. This:

Pilgrims 5

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Pilgrim Life #1 – So That Happened.

How do you even pack such a huge weekend into a single blog post? By not even trying. This is the part where we talk about the weekend in a few key chunks. Chunk no. 1 is the sequel (confusing, I know) to this post.

Why do we put up a big circus tent? Why is it important that we do? Well, allow us to show you.

Pilgrims 11

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Western Sydney – Day #3

This morning, still at Camp Coorong, our group went on a bush tucker walk with Tim.

Pilgrims WS13

Tim and our group, desperately trying to stay dry.

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NSW/ACT – Day #3 & 4

We haven’t heard much from NSW and ACT – they’ve been squirrelled away somewhere that phone reception dares to tread. But having an amazing time all the same.

They’ll be arriving at Uluru tomorrow, a day later than everyone else, so let’s check in with what they’ve been up to!

Pilgrims NSWACT7

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Camp Life #7 – Tentalicious

Basecamp - 59

The Tent Raising ceremony is an important one to Basecamp. Sacred stuff.

But we think maybe the lengthy posts written about it every year are really just an excuse to post photos of us doing genuine, real, proper hard work. So let’s just get to the pics.

Basecamp - 57

Josh learning the ropes. Literally.

Basecamp - 29

Aidan did this.


Basecamp - 28

…and Michael did this.


Basecamp - 27

Then the firemen arrived…


Basecamp - 60

…and the boys were suddenly very focused on how hard at work they were.


Basecamp - 33

The Fireys were strangely excited to be sledgehammering the pegs this time.


Basecamp - 31

And of course re-enacting Iwo Jima.

Basecamp - 58

B helped, in her please kick the ball to me now kind of way.


Basecamp - 55

“It’s almost done!” we think, before realising that half the walls are missing..

And that concludes our tentalicious experience for 2015. Now to fill it with joy and song!


Team Life – The Rest #1

Super Happy Team Get to Know You Time!

We are not just Rose and Steve, and thank goodness for that because it would never happen with The Rest. This is Part 1 of The Rest, because there are many and some of them haven’t even arrived yet.

Without further ado, we introduce:


Dave is relentlessly peripatetic, and puts it to good use. He loves nothing more than chatting to strangers and finding new languages to learn. English included.

His Word of the Day challenge at Basecamp has made us all a little more sagacious.

Dave is generous with his time, his puns, and tales from his carnival days.Basecamp - 39


Chris is tall, constantly complaining of how hot it is, and due to his Tasmanian heritage is in his element while the rest of us shiver in our jumpers and blankets.

He is technologically perspicacious, and can fix most problems that arise at last minute with limited resources or experienced people, which is how it normally happens around here. He loves the tip because that’s where you get that one exact part that you need and you don’t even have to pay for it.

He earned the nickname ‘Manu’ from some local Indigenous kids, and also copped some well-observed comparisons to Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Basecamp - 42


Sue is the dream of any camper; our own personal cook. She will memorise your dietary needs and preferences, and will always make sure there is something for you to eat.

An aspiring campanologist in a former life, Sue also sings beautifully and is well known at the local swimming pool.

We would not survive Basecamp without her.

Basecamp - 38


Jen gets the prize of most fashionable amongst us, despite claiming that she knows nothing about fashion. She is red-haired and freckled, but not one of us has had the guts to use the ‘g’ word around her.

Jen is well practiced at contesseration and has excellent taste in television.

We’d love to ask her to sing but we can’t. Damn you, laryngitis!

Basecamp - 40


Aidan is one of the two youngest at Basecamp. He is also one of the most energetic, finding it almost impossible to sit still. He can locate an item to explore no matter how remote, and so while the rest of us are changing car tires on a back dirt road three hours from anywhere, Aidan can be found climbing on a car wreck in the bush somewhere. We almost lost him a few times.

Aidan’s positivity and eagerness are vital to Basecamp.

His gustatory skills keep our cook on her toes.

Basecamp - 41


That’s her actual, real life name. We love her and think her name is beautiful, but we will be referring to her as simply B throughout the blog to avoid any unfortunate phrasing.

B lives with Dave, and has us all very well trained. Her constant companion is a soccer ball, and she has an inveterate love of chasing it.

If you see B, her ball is probably close by and she would like very much for you to kick it thank you please.

Basecamp - 43

Camp Life #6 – About Amata

Basecamp - 36

It cannot be said that Basecamp is without adventure. And no, I don’t mean the ‘trip to the tip’ kind.

I mean the genuine scary, challenging, rewarding and you’ll-just-have-to-get-over-yourself kind of adventure, where you learn that you never really knew as much as you thought you did.

Basecamp - 48

The kind of adventure that some of us run headfirst into.


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Victoria – Day #2

The day started off fairly early for some as we were unfortunately flooded out by a big rain storm during the night but it was all made up for by Carol our awesome chef who cooked us an amazing bacon and egg breakfast.

We had some free time with a few card games, some jamming sessions and some Frisbee and football games once the bad weather had cleared up. We then took a bush tucker walk led by Tim who taught us some amazing things about the Ngarrindgreri people’s culture and way of living.

Pilgrims V5

Learning times are good times.

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Team Life – Steve

More ‘Super Happy Team Get To Know You Time!’.Round Two: Steve.

Our other intrepid leader, Steve is the kind of person without whom Basecamp could not actually function. He is Rose’s opposite in many ways; for example he is quiet, enjoys hard physical labour, and actually loves being called cute.

(D0n’t quote me on that last one. I haven’t actually tried it.)
Steve is often the smartest person in the room but never acts like it, and also has an abundance of patience as the rest of us try to catch up. He is rarely seen around these parts without his hat and bi-focal sunglasses.
He is also by far the best pogonotrophist in the camp.
 Basecamp - 25

Western Sydney – Day #2

This morning we got up bright and early, ate a lovely breakfast, and we set off on foot….…to the buses…..which carried us on towards Camp Coorong in Meningie, SA! We had an all girls and all boys bus and had our first experience of bus aerobics to get the ol’ blood pumping!

Pilgrims WS11

Some were more enthused than others. We’ll fix that.


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