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Victoria – Day #10 & 11
Pilgrims - V13

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Western Australia – Day #10
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Victoria – Day #8 & 9
Pilgrims Abby and Kayla at dawn in Yulara.

Day 8 was the dreaded day, it was the day we left Yulara. With a…

“This trip was a massive wake up call that this world isn’t perfect and I think if together we could help make it a better place for everyone, bring everyone back together. It could really be something special.” - Emily, Victoria 2013

The 8hr drive to Adelaide

It was great to see so much rain as we drove today. We had a very smooth drive, leaving at 8am and arrived at 6pm in Tanunda, north of Adelaide.

More sorting, lists, phone calls and emails tonight as we prepare for a busy time tomorrow. There will be the last of the shopping and gathering before we sort and pack the truck on Thursday.

So far all smooth and on time for an early start to Coober Pedy Friday morning! We pick up Moo Williams tomorrow and meet up also with Al and Joel Grigg. Our team will begin to grow.

ConvoyKeeping in touch with CB radio
Following in the rainTrailer ride!

One more sleep… Adelaide here we come

We re-sorted the cars and trailer today and packed in all the extra bits and pieces, thankful that it all fitted in with room for us to sit!
The chainsaw had some work done to it also.

A days drive tomorrow and we will be in Adelaide, ready to meet more of the team that is joining us to do the final shop sort and pack.

RepackingOne more sleepChainsaw repairChainsaw

Sunday happenings

Caught up with family today and took a drive to Lake Eppalock, which was full in the days when we were living here 9 years ago… now just a very small river, the drought is very serious.

Catching upFamily timeLake EppalockSwimming area

Productive day!

Today was full of more resource collecting, followed by an evening with over 20 friends and family, sharing the story of the Pilgrimage and the work of Fusion in Bendigo and around the world.

SuppliesMore suppliesBendigo Info nightGood Friends

Sailing to the mainland

The boat trip was real smooth, we have had a big day of travel catching up with family and collecting resource.

One business that we bought some glycerine from (for making bubble mixture) loved what we are doing with the pilgrimage so much that he gave us 20 free new sacks for our sack races. He didn’t want the indigenous kids to have dirty bags!

There have been many great stories of people wanting to give things to us as we collect resources. It seems more and more people are wanting to be part of the story.

SailingSailingSailingFree sacks

Pilgrimage co-ordinators prepare the way!

Only hours to go now before we get on the boat from Tasmania to take the big trip up north.

We take two of our children Elijah and Micah with us and our other two children Isaac and Joshua will stay in Poatina to continue their schooling, we will miss them this year.
Our van is packed to the roof which Heather will drive. Peter is driving a delivery van is packed with the big marquee and bikes, which has the trailor behind as well with program gear in it.

We have to take all our own gear as well as other things for the festivals and programs. A lot of the resources we store at Yulara, but a lot we have to bring back as its used elsewhere during the year.
We are almost there and excited about the journey ahead and ticking off the last of our list of things to do before we hit the main land!

– The Bradburys


PYG (Poatina youth group) fundraiser night!

PYG is usually a place for fun, and this time was no exception! We decided to help out those from the village who are going to Uluru, by raising some money for them, and at the same time, helping out around the place. We decided to do this by washing cars and baking bikkies to sell.

Tonight we got together and started; little did we know in the hour and a half to come there would be over 10 cars to wash, an oven that we didn’t know how to use, soaking wet people, and the discovery of a not-so-alive bird stuck in the front of one of the cars! But the outcome was good (even though the biscuits ended up burnt!), we got the cars washed, and raised around $100 towards the trip. Good luck pilgrims!

– Isaac Bradbury

PYGersBikkie MixingCar washingHosing

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