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Victoria – Day #10 & 11
Pilgrims - V13

We continued our journey home with another couple of long bus trips. Yesterday we travelled…

Western Australia – Day #10
Pilgrims - WA15

Hallelujah! We are headed to Perth and then home. It was a wet start to…

South Australia – The Last Bit
Pilgrims - SA09

Our South Australians have made it all the way home, but their trip wasn’t a…

Victoria – Day #8 & 9
Pilgrims Abby and Kayla at dawn in Yulara.

Day 8 was the dreaded day, it was the day we left Yulara. With a…

“This trip was a massive wake up call that this world isn’t perfect and I think if together we could help make it a better place for everyone, bring everyone back together. It could really be something special.” - Emily, Victoria 2013

NSW & ACT Day #1 & 2

Pilgrims NSWACT2

Home for the next 11 days…


Another team up, but this one makes a bit more sense. Regional NSW and Canberra got together to form a bus all their own, and on Sunday headed into the wild!

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Queensland & Tasmania Day #1 & 2

Pilgrims QT3

The Sunshine Coast half of the equation.


Ah, every Pilgrimage has an Odd Couple. When two states work together to create some sort of Frankenstein’s Monsteresque creation that can’t possibly work… But it always does! Through love and co-operation.

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Pilgrim Life – The Prequel #3

Basecamp - 24

Every Prequel Trilogy needs an epic last instalment.

This is Christina’s story.

Camp Life #5 – We’re Getting a Bit Behind

Gah! Those Pilgrims are on the road already, and yet we feel like we only just got ready and settled. Time to unsettle, team!

But if anyone dares suggest that we haven’t been hard, hard at work, well they can… we’ll just… *struggles to think of appropriate threat*. So there! We’re all a little tired actually, what with all of the festivals, driving, schools work and birthday partying that we’ve done in the last week. So our brains are a little slower, our blood a little more caffeinated, and our bellies a little more full of cake. Shifting gear is actually our big task for the next day or two.

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Camp Life #4 – Told You It Was Important

Basecamp - 14

In amongst the excitement of those Pilgrims getting on their buses and starting the whole shebang, you may or may not even remember the Basecamp strangeness of recent times. But we do!

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Victoria – Day #1

Our journey started off with the Bendigo, southeast Melbourne and Mornington Pilgrims being fairly segregated from each other but by the end of the day we became as close as ever!!! We played lots of fun, getting to meet people games along the way. We stopped for lunch at Horsham with a healthy choice of KFC or Maccas :)

Pilgrims V3

Did You Know: The closest McDonald’s to Uluru is 5 hours away? There are some Basecampers here right now who may just be tempted to go on a run…

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Western Sydney – Day #1

And we’re off! No, wait. No we’re not. Western Sydney wins this year’s prize for most eventful uneventful first day!

Today we began our journey bright and early from Western Sydney, after a surprisingly relaxed and organised Easter morning breaky and send off with parents and friends. One hour after departure, just when we thought we were on our way, our Pilgrimage came to an abrupt halt with what can only be accepted by now as an annual tradition: break down on the side of the road (the clutch in one of our buses died completely)…for five hours…and have to make lots of phone calls… and wait for the people we called to call others… and for them to get back to them so that they could get back to us and….yes it really was that confusing and stressful!

But we finally managed to track down the right people and ended up having an absolute Saint drive a whole new bus to us!  A rocky start, but we embraced it as a “bonding experience” and took it in our stride!

Pilgrims WS1

Nice try, guys.

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Western Australia – Day #1

Whhhaaaatt? The Pilgrims are on the road already? BUT WE’RE NOT READY.

Here is a little update from Western Australia, all about the happenings of their first day.

Pilgrims WA2

We have a weird truckbus.

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Pilgrim Life – The Prequel #2

Basecamp - 12

It’s a prequel trilogy and this is the prequel sequel.

Today we hear from Hayden, talking about the experience of interacting with the local Anangu people.

Camp Life #3 – This Is Really Important Stuff You Guys!

This post is really just an excuse to post the following photos. It is the Basecamp Team hard at work. Overtime, in fact. On a vital task.

Learning games.

But forget I said that, because really these images work so much better without any explanation or context. Let’s delve, shall we?

Basecamp - 8

I wish this was us rehearsing a Can Can. I really do.

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