Our Youth Work

Helping young people create their place in the world.


Fusion began in the 1960’s as a movement led by young people. We wanted to give space for other young people to see themselves and their future differently. No matter what background, what cultural influences may be holding them back, we see every young person as deserving of a strong future.

Our team of highly qualified and passionate youth workers aim to meet today’s youth where they’re at, and so we are continually developing and evolving our range of programs to stay ahead of the issues impacting our culture. Our goal is to mentor and encourage young people to step beyond what they know of themselves, to discover their full potential and find their purpose in life.

When young people have strong relationships with their peers, parents/carers, other significant adults and strong connections in their schools and communities they have the potential to prosper.

It’s our values of justice, mercy, compassion, respect and industry which are the basis to Fusion’s youth work. We incorporate them into the design, goals, operational practices and the delivery of our programs, where staff, volunteers, students and others in Fusion work together to build skills and establish community connections, places where individual young people can thrive.

We help young people find purpose.

We help young people explore their creativity through arts programs such as Create, through internships and music and performance based after school programs.

We help young people develop skills and enter the workforce through our mentoring programs, barista courses and workplace training.

We help young people navigate their school life through Breakfast Clubs, lunchtime programs and chaplaincy.

We help young people connect and grow through drop-in centres, festivals, Day Trips, Adventure Based Learning, and holiday camps.

And we help young people engage with and foster their passion for social justice issues through the Pilgrimage to Uluru and Sleep In Your Car.

We help young people find their feet.

As well as our early intervention work, we also provide practical assistance through various youth homelessness services. We currently offer crisis accommodation in Melbourne, an accommodation and support service in Mornington, Vic, as well as student accommodation in Campsie, NSW and Perth, WA. This is not just about putting a roof over the heads of vulnerable young people, but offering support to help young people develop independent life skills and relationships they can trust, as well as a sense of being significant and cared for.