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Transforming communities

We help people find their place and make their mark.

Our core focus is on youth, community and equipping people. Fusion brings a unique perspective to each community, and we rely on the help of locals to make real and lasting change.


Supporting youth

We are a group of passionate youth and community workers, with over 60 years experience behind us. Fusion has dedicated teams in 16 locations across Australia, delivering a range of local programs and services, including youth housing, support for parents and work in schools.
Fusion Australia is a Youth and Community movement of people motivated by Christian values and the belief that people matter.


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Help us to continue our vital work with young people and their communities


Christmas The Way Home

Will you join us as we help young people, families and the vulnerable find their way into the heart of the community this Christmas? Will you help others find their way home?

Christmas points the way home for all of us. A way made possible by the birth of a child, born into challenge, but for a purpose over two thousand years ago. For the young people we work with, finding a place where they are accepted and belong is the foundation for them to rebuild their lives and find their own purpose.

We’re all on a journey like this; back to the heart of the one who makes the way for us to come home.

As part of this journey, we invite you to consider making a purchase in our Christmas Shop. You’ll find gifts here that will not only have meaning for those you give them to, but that will also make a difference in the lives of those we support.

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help us to continue our vital work with young people and their communities

We are, at our heart, a group of passionate people who care about seeing real change in the world.