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Transforming communities

We help people find their place and make their mark.

Our core focus is on youth, community and equipping people. Fusion brings a unique perspective to each community, and we rely on the help of locals to make real and lasting change.


Supporting youth

We are a group of passionate youth and community workers, with over 60 years experience behind us. Fusion has dedicated teams in 16 locations across Australia, delivering a range of local programs and services, including youth housing, support for parents and work in schools.
Fusion Australia is a Youth and Community movement of people motivated by Christian values and the belief that people matter.


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Help us to continue our vital work with young people and their communities


Pilgrimage 21

Know the Past, Change the Future

For over 20 years, we’ve been on a journey of listening and seeking to understand the stories of our First Nations peoples, seeking to “know the past” so that we can “change the future”. Since its beginning in 2001, Fusion’s Pilgrimage to Uluru has taken young people on a journey to the heart of our nation; a journey that promotes self-discovery and a new perspective on life, empowering them to become educated, passionate, and active ambassadors of reconciliation, committed to a movement of change and transformation across Australia.

The Journey in 2021

The restrictions on travel in 2021, created opportunity to take a journey closer to home and in April this year, five state-based pilgrimages took place. Rather than journeying to Uluru, busses of young people, leaders and even families hit the road to explore their own states on a mission to better understand the local Aboriginal story.


help us to continue our vital work with young people and their communities

We are, at our heart, a group of passionate people who care about seeing real change in the world.