Supporting Youth

Transformed Communities where young people thrive.

For over sixty years, Fusion has been committed to supporting, mentoring and encouraging young people to step beyond what they know of themselves, to discover their full potential and find their purpose in life. Above all, our commitment is to see communities transformed into places where young people can thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As an organisation, we are committed to providing high quality programs that meet local needs and work toward the development and growth of young people and the communities in which they live. When young people have strong relationships with their peers, parents/carers, other significant adults and strong connections in their schools and communities, they have the potential to prosper.

It is the values of justice, mercy, compassion, respect and industry that we work toward becoming the motivating forces in our families, communities, cultures and personal lives. This is the basis of Fusion’s youth work and is incorporated into the design, goals, operational practices and the delivery of programs, where staff, volunteers, students and others in Fusion, work together to build skills and establish community connections, places where individual young people can thrive.

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Learning to live

Since 2017, we have worked alongside young people who have disengaged from school or who are unable to continue in their current educational setting. Using evidence-based practice to re-engage students who don’t thrive in traditional education; Capstone College provides a hands-on approach to learning that makes the most of the Village environment and community. In 2019 we expanded our service, to support year 9 – 12.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the team saw a rise in the anxiety students experienced and made an early call to teach online. Students anxiety levels dropped because they had answers, time to plan and support to orientate to online learning, before physical distancing made that impossible. We also extended our youth work support, playing a vital role in students capacity to be resilient.

50% of our students did not have the technology required to engage in online learning. We were able to provide college computer’s, internet packages and home visits to help ensure students were set up to succeed. We adapted our teaching and curriculum to be relevant to their context, keeping routines and opportunities for students to connect with one another. Each week the team dropped care packages and materials needed for science experiments and other classes that week.



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