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In a world that is becoming more and more insulated and technology-centric, Fusion teams around the country are transforming the world that young people are growing up in, by getting them outside, in touch with nature, themselves and the people around them.

In Western Sydney, on the Mornington Peninsula and on the Sunshine Coast, Fusion teams have been running outdoor programs, incorporating activities such as bushwalking, rock climbing and multi day hikes, that allow space to talk and connect on a deeper level. As a result, young people have been actively engaging with and learning to appreciate being outdoors, whilst pushing their limits and overcoming physical challenges.

For over twenty years, Fusion Southern Tasmania has been operating the Forest Glen Adventure Based Learning program. Each year the team uses the facility to provide opportunities for up to a thousand young people to develop physically, socially and emotionally as they take on the high and low ropes course elements.



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