What is your deepest passion? Where does it intersect with the needs of our communities?

Fusion’s history was made possible by ordinary people stepping up to be counted. It’s amazing what a community of dedicated and passionate people can do!

Volunteering with Fusion provides an opportunity to work at the heart of a movement of people, committed to see transformed communities where young people thrive.

At Fusion, you won’t just be doing the coffee runs. Volunteers have the opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge, collaborate on innovative programs, and enhance the resume. You’ll gain invaluable skills and experience.

If you are interested in one of the volunteer opportunities, we would love to hear from you.

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Working with our policy and compliance team, you will help inform the development of Fusion policies. 4 – 6 hours per week, working remotely.

Tasks include: writing research papers to inform policy, editing policy documents and administrative support of the policy and compliance team.


Website and Marketing Support

2 – 4 hours per week, supporting our communications team, based in NSW or Vic.

We’re looking for someone with a love of story telling, marketing and all things social media.

Tasks include: Communicating with team leaders to receive updates of information and events relevant to the website and social media, posting relevant information on the website and social media in an accurate and timely manner, maintaining the website, working with the communications team to continue to improve and develop marketing/promotional materials.


Grants Writer

Working with our Fundraising and Resource Manager, located in Vic. Flexible work hours and location (up to 4 hours per week) by mutual agreement.

We’re looking for someone to develop and manage a range of grant funding opportunities.
Tasks include: research, prepare and submit grant applications, prepare acquittals for finalised grants.


Administration Assistant

Administrative support for our National Office team, located in Oakleigh, Victoria. Flexible work hours (up to 6 hours per week) by mutual agreement.

We’re looking for someone to provide efficient and effective administration and organisational support to the National Office team.

Tasks include: editing documents, responding to general enquiries, ongoing process improvement to create and drive ongoing efficiencies; maintain filing systems, databases, and procedures.


Families Course Assistant

Administrative support for our Families team, 6-10 hours per week, based in Sydney.

We’re looking for an Admin whiz to support the day-to-say operations of our Families team.
Tasks include maintaining volunteer records, manage course participant paperwork, identifying and streamlining processes, marketing support and other general duties.


IT/ Database Assistant

Supporting our database management tech team, located in QLD and Vic. Flexible work hours (up to 6 hours per week) by mutual agreement.

We’re looking for someone to support the ongoing management and maintenance of databases to ensure up to date, high quality and relevant information is always accessible.


help us to continue our vital work with young people and their communities

Interested to find out more about how you can help young people and their communities thrive? We would love to hear from you.