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Apr 8, 2024 | Community, Youth

About Fusion Near You

Fusion began in the northern suburbs of Sydney. A group of young adults reaching out to the young people in their neighbourhood, creating a community of support, encouragement, and care, that would help these teens discover more about themselves and their place in the world.

In seventeen communities around the country, the story continues today. Each place may look different, but at the core the Fusion team is committed to creating a community that will help young people to find their purpose and thrive.

By choosing to SUPPORT FUSION NEAR YOU, you can be part of these local stories of change too.

Here are just three stories of what’s happening in our neighbourhoods right now.

Bidwill Neighbour Day Activities 2021

Image: Karawara’s Got Talent

In Perth

Life is tough for families in Karawara south of Perth. So, in the face of life’s challenges, visits from the Fusion Mobile Youth Hub (MYHub) on Tuesday afternoons, are a highlight for local young people and their families.

In this vulnerable community, it makes a difference when you stick around, get to know them, and understand what life is really like. This is what the team has been doing for the last twelve months, building trust in a community that knows what it’s like to be let down.


Local families have become regular, active participants in the games and activities, including some vulnerable mums who bring their kids along for the program, but have found a place to belong too, somewhere they are seen and valued.”

“Many agencies have come and gone from this area, so trust is a big issue for people here. After a year of consistently turning up for people, we’ve seen trust grow in remarkable ways. Now we want to make sure we can stick around for the long term and keep providing supportive relationships to some of the most profoundly vulnerable in this community.” – Jessie, Youth Work Coordinator

At our recent KARAWARA’S GOT TALENT, we saw the impact of creating a values-based community where all are welcome. There was plenty of talent on show, from dancing and singing, to plate spinning, soccer skills and even painting.

“We took a vote for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ and saw most participants voting for a newer boy who had learnt plate spinning for the first time that day, and many voting for those who had received fewer votes. This was a testament to the culture of kindness, encouragement, helpfulness, and care for others that has become the norm at the program.”

By supporting the Fusion team in Perth, you can help us continue to serve this vulnerable community, bringing hope where it’s needed most. SUPPORT FUSION NEAR YOU and provide the funds needed to ensure the team can be there for the long term.

In Hobart

Can one day change your life?

For one visitor to the Adventure Based Learning Ropes Course in Hobart, it was a moment that changed her view of herself and the challenges she was facing.

“On the day she came on the ropes course, this young woman was also getting ready to travel back to South America on a visit to family. There was so much that she was anxious about, including travelling and safety. Her anxiety was so extreme it was paralysing.” – David, Fusion Team Leader

Morning Tea for Neighbour Day 2021

A Day on the Ropes Course Changed Everything

To do the LEAP OF FAITH, each participant must climb up a tree, position themselves on a small platform before jumping with arms outstretched to catch the trapeze in front of them. It’s not a big jump, but it feels like one when you’re three metres off the ground.

For this young woman, it was when everything shifted. “There was a moment when things changed. In my head. In my heart. Things clicked. I knew that I could take this jump AND I could get on that plane.”

And she did. Taking that leap unlocked a whole new future.

This is Adventure Based Learning in action. For over twenty years the Fusion program has been helping young people step outside the picture they have of themselves, to take the leap and discover what they’re made for.

Will you be part of making this opportunity accessible to even more young people? Together with your support we can complete the urgent upgrade of the walkways and tracks around the facility PLUS build a new ropes course element accessible to a wider range of abilities.

SUPPORT FUSION NEAR YOU and help more young people discover their potential and thrive.

In Western Sydney

“It’s all about making sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. Just because something’s happened before doesn’t mean it needs to happen again. I think that’s the best part about Pilgrimage, learning what the past mistakes were and making sure they can’t happen again.” – Kai, Kamilaroi and Dharug

The Pilgrimage to Country is a transformational journey that supports young people like Kai to experience connection, community, and reconciliation. In western Sydney the team has seen firsthand the impact the Pilgrimage experience has on the vulnerable young people we work with week after week.

Young people like Alex and Kai. Their experience on the NSW Pilgrimage in 2023 was life changing. As they explored the land and the stories of its Indigenous people, they came to see history and themselves differently and were empowered with a new self-belief that they could make an impact in the world.


“Going to Pilgrimage and overcoming the fear of saying YES to things and putting myself out there has helped me an INSANE amount”– Alex

The Reason to Give

For young people like Alex and Kai, life has taught them that they will always miss out on opportunities like this and there are too many hurdles to overcome to even get on our Pilgrimage bus.

School and home are a struggle. There is no money to spare, and their own lack of self-belief means they won’t put their hand up or get involved. Many of the young people we work with are living in communities with a lack of opportunity, high rates of unemployment and conflict within and between families. Bullying, mental health, and family breakdown are common for young people like Alex and Kai.

 Some of these hurdles can’t be moved; but YOU can help them to overcome the barrier of finances.

By choosing to SUPPORT FUSION NEAR YOU and making a tax-deductible donation today, you can help young people like Alex and Kai overcome the barriers they face to experiencing connection, community, and reconciliation. You can help other young people learn to see the world and themselves through new eyes and be ready to bring change to the people around them.