Be the Gift This Christmas

Dec 3, 2021 | Community, Youth

The support and friendship of people across Australia has been a gift to vulnerable young people this year, bringing hope to some of the hardest places. Thanks to those who’ve chosen to invest themselves, their time, finances, skills and resources, young people have been supported to get through tough circumstances, including lockdowns, homelessness, mental health challenges and family crises.


At Christmas We Remember

As we remember the gift of a fragile baby, born in challenge and adversity 2000 years ago, how will you respond this Christmas? Will you offer yourself as a gift to your community this year? Will you reach out a hand of friendship to those around you who are lonely, isolated and doing life on their own? Will you BE THE GIFT the world needs?


Our Story

Recently finding themselves on the frontline in the battle against the pandemic, the Fusion team in Melbourne made the choice to BE THE GIFT, turning up and bringing hope. When a resident at the youth refuge received a positive Covid result, the Fusion team made the choice to be there when they were needed most.

With one very sick young person, plus five others to care for, Team Leader, Belinda* moved in to look after the group for their two-week isolation. Knowing that Belinda had made the choice to be there and to stay with them, had a profound impact on these at-risk young people, knowing they were valued and truly all in it together.

Wearing PPE at the Refuge
Image: Wearing full PPE to care for the young people in isolation.

“Young people who have experienced homelessness aren’t always able to trust people to care for them or treat them with respect. Knowing someone was in control of the situation, had made the choice to show up for them and would be consistent, provided the stability they needed to cope in this stressful and lonely situation. The seven of us became a family in lockdown together.

In masks and full PPE gear every day, making and delivering meals, calming down upset young people, negotiating with them as they adjusted to living in temporary total isolation, it was all challenging. It was also exactly what they needed to feel safe and secure – an experience many of them had never had before.

A call out to the wider community brought in donations of food, entertainment, makeup, books and more for them. These were the first gifts some of these young people had ever received in their lives. Just knowing that people cared enough to go to the shops and choose something for them, had a big impact. The whole refuge team came together to collect items and deliver them. Our staff on the outside also made the time to call the young people each day, helping them to know that they weren’t on their own.” – Belinda, Fusion Team Leader



The Impact of Giving

“The team helped me reach goals and achieve things I didn’t know I could. This place has such a potential to turn people’s lives around with how they care. I couldn’t believe how many gifts people we didn’t even know were giving us and spoiling us. We will never forget the kindness. Everything made such a difference in isolation! We appreciate it and it just goes to show that, even though times are hard, we aren’t alone, we need more people like you in this world”  Sarah* 18


This is what our world needs more of this Christmas, people willing to set aside their own comfort, so that they can Be the Gift their neighbours need.

Fusion was built on a rich history of people like making these choices, coming together to make a real and lasting difference, even in the most uncertain times. People choosing to be part of a network of care, support and stability for the next generation of Australians.

Donations Made to the Refuge in Lockdown
Image: The generosity of strangers brought joy and hope to young people in isolation.

 How You can Be the Gift

If  this sounds like something you’d like to try, here are a few ways you might like to BE THE GIFT this year….

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