Love Your Neighbour

Mar 7, 2023 | Community

In the approach to the Day of Action for Neighbours Every Day on Sunday 26 March, we’re asking, what it means to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR in 2023?

We all need a community to be part of; a place where we can belong and know we matter. It’s in this connected, supportive environment that we’re free to discover who we are and what we’re made for; to find our purpose and thrive.

Unfortunately, the experience of a connected community like this is increasingly uncommon for many of us. Isolation and loneliness continue to be the norm. In fact, in 2021 60% of households in Australia were made up of 2 or less people and 26% of Australians were living alone.


Image: Delivering Vegetables from the Fusion Food Relief Vegetable Garden, Hobart TAS


Even now, however, it’s possible for us to bring connection to our neighbours, if we’re willing to take up the challenge.

Over 2000 years ago, a carpenter demonstrated how we can see and respond to the people around us with justice, mercy and compassion. No matter what Jesus was busy with or where he was going, he would stop and take the time to hear, understand and support those in need.


Small Steps, Big Change

Rather than waiting to do something big that will change the world, we can all take small steps to reach out to the people around us. Every small loving action we take will be part of bringing the change to the world that we long for.

Whether reaching out to a lonely neighbour, supporting a mum doing life alone, providing a meal to someone in need, or giving to support homeless young people, our actions can and will make a difference to others.

Neighbours Every Day is an initiative of Relationships Australia. The Day of Action, formerly known as Neighbour Day will be held on Sunday 26 March. It’s an opportunity to reach out to the people around us, to be a neighbour and show some love. Fusion is getting behind it and we’re inviting you to get involved too.

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Neighbours Every Day


Neighbour Day 2023 Love Your Neighbour

You Can:

  1. Decide what you’ll do…. donate, volunteer, bake a cake, knock on a door, make a call.
  2. Take action. Remember, one small step will make a difference.
  3. Tell us what you did! We’d love to hear what you did to Love Your Neighbour this year!

Transformation is possible in our neighbourhoods, if we all take up the challenge to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR this year. Will you join us?


Connect with your local Fusion Centre to find out more about volunteering to help your neighbours.

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What can we do?

“We love because he first loved us And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”  1 John 4:19, 21

It’s in this challenge that we can all find our place. By choosing to love the people around us, no matter what their story, how they behave or what they believe, we are stepping up to play our part in the redemption of our world.

Love is sharing what you have with a neighbour. It is standing alongside a friend who is suffering. It is being there for a young person who has lost hope. It is showing up to help even when you don’t have anything to offer. It is giving, even when it comes at a cost.


By donating today, you will provide parenting courses and coaching to parents in need just like Ghretta, breaking the cycle and bringing hope, healing and love to families who need it most this Christmas.

By donating today, you can provide the support that Kelly and other young people need to work out who they are and find their purpose in the world.

By investing in Fusion’s mentoring programs, you will ensure that vulnerable young people like Noah and Adam are equipped to achieve things they didn’t believe possible.

Together we can show young people, parents, families, and others in need that they are loved this Christmas.